Make a check donation by mail to:
Reading Recovery Council of North America
150 E. Wilson Bridge Rd., Ste. 200
Worthington, OH 43085

Supporting transformative research, financial awards, and initiatives to ensure the early literacy and Reading Recovery profession continues forward in excellence.

Reading Recovery works. Every gift makes a difference in bringing one of the most successful international reading and writing interventions to struggling readers across North America. Powered by gifts of all sizes, the Foundation for Struggling Readers supports educators, students, and communities through transformative advocacy, development, and engagement. 

The Foundation supports:

  • Creating financial awards for professionals to engage in learning experiences.
  • Resource development to assist teachers in their schools, classrooms, and with individual students.
  • Partnership initiatives to create synergy in early literacy efforts among different organizations.
  • Improvement Science and research initiatives to enhance our ability to assist struggling readers.
  • Leadership development for emerging and continuing leaders of our community.
  • Enhancing our engagement in the early literacy conversation across North America.
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