Supporting transformative research, financial awards, and initiatives to ensure the early literacy and Reading Recovery profession continues forward in excellence.

The Foundation for Struggling Readers supports the development of early literacy scholars and practitioners who guide struggling readers to unlock the student’s skills through the evidenced-based strategies of Reading Recovery. Our primary goal is to be good stewards of financial resources to support the early literacy field and its future, provide opportunities and access to professional development resources, and encourage research to improve our practice.

The Foundation receives donations from individuals and corporate partners to help advance our mission, empower those working in early literacy, and engage the broader literacy and K-8 community. Because the Foundation is part of RRCNA, donations are tax deductible as a 501(c)3 organization.

The Foundation supports:

  • Creating financial awards for professionals to engage in learning experiences.
  • Resource development to assist teachers in their schools, classrooms, and with individual students.
  • Partnership initiatives to create synergy in early literacy efforts among different organizations.
  • Improvement science and research initiatives to enhance our ability to assist struggling readers.
  • Leadership development for emerging and continuing leaders of our community.
  • Enhancing our engagement in the early literacy conversation across North America.

Hundreds of professionals and organizations have chosen to invest their time and their funds into the Foundation, and, in turn, invest in the future of early literacy and Reading Recovery. With your help, the Foundation may underwrite transformative research, funding awards, and other initiatives to ensure our profession can continue forward in excellence.

You can help the Foundation invest in our future by:

  • Engaging in one of our fundraising activities.
  • Contributing in honor or memory of a colleague.
  • Making a 1-time donation or recurring pledge.
  • Directing a required retirement withdrawal to the Foundation.
  • Volunteering your time and energy as a Foundation leader.