Research Agenda

Research Agenda

As an evidence-based intervention to help struggling readers catch-up with their peers, the Reading Recovery Community values ongoing research into our common philosophies and daily practice. The Science of Reading Recovery involves timely, continuous, and rigorous research to advance our work, improve our impact, and ensure Reading Recovery continues to meet the needs of both our educators and students as they change over time.

Informed by a comprehensive web-based Feedback Forum of members of our community plus ongoing conversations by the Research Committee, our Research Agenda builds on our existing strengths in long-standing research practices, and identifies a series of priority areas to guide scholars working in Reading Recovery about the key needs of exploration to continuously improve our work.

Within the Reading Recovery Research Agenda document, Reading Recovery is inclusive of Reading Recovery, Descubriendo la Lectura (DLL), L’intervention préventive en lecture-écriture (IPLÉ), and Literacy Lessons (LL).

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Fall 2023