Advocate to Prioritize Education

Advocacy is organized activism in support of an idea or cause. As an advocate for Reading Recovery, you can help ensure that this proven reading and writing intervention remains available to the children who need it.

Advocacy consists of constituents contacting their elected officials about issues that are important to them and establishing relationships with these legislators. These relationships are then leveraged to influence public policy decisions. By establishing relationships and champions, you encourage public officials to make a commitment to you and to Reading Recovery.

People often ask how advocacy is different from lobbying. Lobbying is an effort to influence the thinking of legislators or other public officials for or against a specific cause or a specific piece of proposed legislation. Advocacy is the promotion of a cause, idea, or policy. In other words, your active support of Reading Recovery is considered advocacy.

The most-effective advocates believe in what they are advocating. Reading Recovery professionals who share their passion for Reading Recovery with legislators and policymakers can influence decisions to make a difference in the literacy lives of children.

Here are some resources that may assist you as you consider your role in advocating for Reading Recovery.

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