A Tribute to Marie Clay in the Journal of Reading Recovery

This special issue of The Journal of Reading Recovery pays tribute to Marie M. Clay by sharing both her writings and the reflections of international colleagues. It was published in the fall of 2007, following Marie’s death in April, and includes several of her most-cited articles. In some cases, copyright holders granted print-only permission to reproduce Marie’s work. Those articles are not available in this online edition. Featured throughout the issue are “Remembering Marie” tributes from friends and scholars around the globe.

Table of Contents
From the Editors
A Message from RRCNA

Marie Clay: A Visionary Educator
Simply By Sailing in a New Direction You Could Enlarge the World
Marie M. Clay

The Doctoral Research Project: 1962–66; From Research to Practice
Anne Ballantyne, The University of Auckland

International Perspectives on the Reading Recovery Program
Marie M. Clay

Marie Clay’s Messages as President of the International Reading Association
Billie Askew, Texas Woman’s University

Marie Clay: An Eminent Scholar
How Far Reading Recovery Ideas Travel: For Marie with Thanks
Courtney B. Cazden, Harvard Graduate School of Education

A Vygotskian Interpretation of Reading Recovery
Marie M. Clay and Courtney B. Cazden

A Tribute to Marie Clay
Carol Lyons, The Ohio State University

Learning to be Learning Disabled
Marie M. Clay

Revolutionary Contributions
Peter Johnston, The University at Albany-SUNY

Child Development
Marie M. Clay

Concepts About Print in English and Other Languages
Marie M. Clay

Marie Clay’s Work in Irish
Gabrielle Nig Uidhir, St. Mary’s University College

The Development of Concepts About Print (C.A.P.) in Greek
Eufimia Tafa, University of Crete
Eva Konstantellou, Lesley University

Marie Clay: An Honored Mentor, Colleague, and Friend
A Tribute to Marie M. Clay: She Searched for Questions That Needed Answers
Billie Askew, Texas Woman’s University

Marie M. Clay: Demonstrating That the World Can Be Different
Gay Su Pinnell, The Ohio State University
Irene C. Fountas, Lesley University

Remembering Marie
Diane DeFord, University of South Carolina

Dame Professor Marie M. Clay: Scientist Professor, Colleague
Stuart McNaughton, The University of Auckland

Marie Clay: Splendid Scholar and Literacy Leader
Linda Gambrell, Clemson University

Marie Clay—A Tribute to An Enduring Scholar
Bridie Raban, The University of Melbourne

Our Tribute to Marie Clay: A Pioneer of Large-Scale Education System Design
Kenneth G. Wilson, The Ohio State University
Constance K. Barsky, Learning by Redesign

Remembering Marie
Robert M. Schwartz, Oakland University
Janet S. Gaffney, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Noel K. Jones, University of North Carolina-Wilmington

Sustaining the Legacy of Marie Clay
Charting the Future: The International Reading Recovery Trainers Organization and the Marie Clay Literacy Trust
Mary Anne Doyle, University of Connecticut
Graham McEwan, Marie Clay Literacy Trust

Origin and Evolution: Reading Recovery in New Zealand
Christine Boocock, The University of Auckland

Australia: First Offshore Implementation
Janice Farmer Hailey, New South Wales Department of Education and Training

Expansion of Reading Recovery in the United States: A Collaborative Effort
Connie Briggs, Emporia State University

A Journey with Marie Clay: Translating An Observation Survey of Early Literacy Achievement
Yvonne Rodríguez, Texas Woman’s University

Influence of Marie Clay in Canada
Irene Huggins, Western Canadian Institute of Reading Recovery

Influence of Marie Clay in Europe
Julia Douëtil, University of London

The Last Word

These resources have been collected to share the life, history, work and influence of Marie Clay on early literacy education and Reading Recovery:

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