Comprehensive Oversight

Systematic Evaluation and Accountability

Reading Recovery teachers enter data for each child they serve on a secure website. Teacher leaders provide oversight and submit student, school, and district data to the International Data Evaluation Center (IDEC). No other early intervention collects and reports such comprehensive information on every child served annually.

A site report generated by the teacher leader and site coordinator in collaboration with IDEC provides a wealth of information regarding student performance and implementation factors that may influence effectiveness and efficiency. Site coordinators work with teacher leaders to access information about student achievement, performance among student groups, and many aspects of Reading Recovery implementation.

In addition, IDEC provides individual school data summaries and school reports. These reports are useful in providing school improvement information for principals and central office administrators.

Site Reports: A Snapshot of Data Collected for Analysis and Evaluation

  • Student demographic data

  • Intervention status (outcome) categories for students (See Figure 11.1 in Chapter 11 for definitions of these status categories.)
  • Progress on the six tasks of An Observation Survey of Early Literacy Achievement
  • Progress of Reading Recovery students compared to random sample students
  • Average number of lessons and weeks for students served
  • Average attendance data for students and teachers
  • Number of retentions and referrals to special education
  • Level of coverage in schools
  • Change in classroom teachers’ perceptions of student progress
  • Information about Reading Recovery teachers (e.g., years of experience, other responsibilities)

Reading Recovery Assessment Process

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