Scientific, Data-Based Assessment

Reading Recovery is a data-based and data-driven intervention based on the scientific understandings of reading and early literacy education. Outcomes are reported for all children served, and data are collected about Reading Recovery teachers and schools. Using a web-based data entry system, OSU’s International Data Evaluation Center (IDEC) provides a wealth of student, teacher, and school data for a site to use in evaluating their efforts. IDEC works diligently to provide up-to-date methodology for evaluating Reading Recovery. Check the IDEC website annually for current procedures and information.

Procedures for data collection and recording are standardized nationally and required for every school district implementing Reading Recovery in the United States. Data also are collected on a random sample of grade-level peers from all schools implementing Reading Recovery. This random sample provides a national comparison group, in accordance with the principles of scientifically based research.

Reading Recovery Assessment Process

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Fall 2023