Teachers may use the video library flexibly as they select and view the modules. Groups of educators may wish to view modules together and discuss implications for teaching practices. RRCNA members can earn contact hour credit for viewing these and other professional development videos in the e-Learning Center.


Making It Easy to Learn

Building on a child’s strengths to set up situations in which the child is in control and will experience success while enjoying challenges within reach

Teaching for Transfer: Strategic Activity

Exploring strategic activities initiated by children and actions teachers can take to encourage those behaviors

Selecting Texts That Are Just Right

Understanding the importance of selecting books that are just right for young readers, considerations for book selection, and the critical role of the book introduction in making books accessible and successful for the readers

Phrasing in Fluent Reading

Exploring aspects of fluent reading and supporting phrasing in fluent reading

Assessing Through Close Observation

Assessing rapid change in literacy learning of young children through close, systematic observation

Learning About Phonology and Orthography

Learning about relationships between the letters of written language and the sounds of spoken language (often referred to as letter-sound associations, graphophonics, sound-symbol relationships)

Professional Development Resources to Strengthen Early Literacy Outcomes
This video library offers extensive examples to help educators strengthen early literacy outcomes for K-3 students. Six effective literacy practices are highlighted to deepen teachers’ understandings of literacy learning. The practices may be incorporated into teaching in the classroom, small groups, and one-on-one instruction. The web-based modules, listed and linked at the bottom of this page, consist of a short video and a downloadable reference guide.

K-3 classroom teachers, Reading Recovery teachers, specialist teachers, literacy coaches, and school administrators who wish to develop a deeper understanding of effective literacy practices.

Each module highlights one literacy practice and consists of a short video (approximately 7 minutes) and a downloadable 2-page reference guide. The guide includes the module focus, definitions and other important information, key points for teachers, and resources. Reading the reference guide prior to viewing the video will enhance your learning experience.

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