Reprint Permissions

Reprint Permissions

Requesting permission to reproduce RRCNA materials

All materials published in print or online by the Reading Recovery Council of North America (RRCNA) are protected by U.S. copyright law and are owned by RRCNA unless otherwise noted. Materials are provided for the personal, noncommercial use of purchasers of publications or visitors to the RRCNA website. Any reproduction, other than allowed by U.S. fair use guidelines, requires prior written permission. This extends to emailing downloaded files to others. No permission is needed to link to the RRCNA website, either to the homepage or to a specific page (deep linking) within the site. See Terms of Use for more information.

Fair Use. U.S. copyright law permits “fair use” of published materials in limited situations. RRCNA recognizes photocopying fair use as

  • One photocopy of an article from a single journal for personal use.
  • Up to 10 photocopies of an article for library reserve use.
  • Multiple photocopies of an article for one-time classroom use by a teacher.

Permission to photocopy journal articles. RRCNA members may make multiple copies for one-time use in Reading Recovery schools, training sites, and universities. Permission must be requested for repeated photocopying, for use in coursepacks, or for repeated use in classes by completing the online permission request form. A per-page fee may be charged for repeated use. This extends to electronic files that have been printed for photocopying. Nonmembers must apply for permission from the Copyright Clearance Center to make multiple photocopies of journal articles for noncommercial use or to make repeated use of a single article. The Journal of Reading Recovery is an RRCNA member-only publication, and permission will not be granted for nonmembers to reproduce its content.

Permission to post or reproduce electronic articles. Back issues of RRCNA newsletters and journals are posted in the password-protected Members Only section of the RRCNA website. RRCNA members and Reading Recovery personnel who have paid an in-training fee have access to articles for their personal and educational use. Permission is required to use electronic articles for classroom instruction and will be granted only to RRCNA members for posting on secure, password-protected websites for a limited duration. A fee may apply.

Permission to photocopy other publications. RRCNA members may request permission to make multiple copies of a single RRCNA-published book chapter for nonprofit educational use including professional development sessions. RRCNA will provide a press-ready PDF to use as the original for photocopying at a $1-per-page licensing fee. Permission will not be granted for any publications within 2 years of the original release date. Nonmembers may also complete the permission request form and will be subject to a $5-per-page licensing fee.

Permission to reprint/republish material. RRCNA members and nonmembers may submit the online permission request form. Fees may apply.

Permission to duplicate tables, photos, and artwork. Use of tables, photographs, artwork, and children’s writing is protected under copyright law. RRCNA members may request permission by completing the online permission request form. Nonmembers may submit requests to the Copyright Clearance Center.

Permission to duplicate videos. Permission to copy videos from the RRCNA website and from RRCNA webinars, conference proceedings, and products is prohibited. Webmasters may, however, provide a link to the video clips on the RRCNA website homepage.

Permission for RRCNA authors. Under U.S. copyright law, authors have permission to reuse their own work with appropriate citation. RRCNA journal and book authors may make multiple copies of articles and/or chapters of their own work for noncommercial use, but must complete the online permission request form. No fee will be assessed.

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