Fluency Instruction in Reading Recovery lessons

Fluency is defined as the ability to read a text accurately and quickly.

Examples of Instructional Procedures
Reading Recovery emphasizes the importance of phrased and fluent reading. In Reading Recovery, teachers help children develop phrased and fluent reading by

  • appealing to the child’s oral language experience by encouraging fast reading of familiar texts and encouraging intonation.
  • encouraging, in early lessons, fast recognition in reading and fast construction of print in writing, working toward fast responding with new learning as quickly as possible.
  • demonstrating phrasing on texts in a variety of ways.
  • selecting texts that will facilitate familiar reading.
  • providing opportunities for multiple readings of familiar texts.
  • encouraging flexibility in varying speed of oral reading to match difficulty of the text.
  • using a variety of specific procedures, as needed, to promote fluent and phrased reading (see Clay, 2005)

Clay, M. M. (2002). An observation survey of early literacy achievement. Portsmouth, NH: Heinemann.

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