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Make a Gift

Reading Recovery helps children grow into successful readers and writers

For more than three decades, Reading Recovery-trained teachers have accelerated the achievement of the lowest first-grade students and forever changed their lives. The impact has been felt in millions of families across North America and around the globe.

Reading Recovery teachers assess children’s individual needs, designing lessons to build on their strengths. One by one, these children become engaged and successful readers. This is why Reading Recovery is recognized as the leading early literacy intervention.

Your gift helps us reach more schools, teach more children, and do more to advance Reading Recovery.

The Reading Recovery Fund is the charitable program of RRCNA. Your donation plants a seed to advance the mission of RRCNA to expand Reading Recovery to more children. All gifts are tax deductible and support programs such as advocacy for federal reading policy and adequate school funding, teacher professional development, and literacy research.

Your gift is acknowledged
If you include the name of a friend to be notified, RRCNA will send the person listed a letter indicating that a donation has been made in his or her honor. RRCNA also sends an acknowledgment letter to the family when memorial donations are received.

A quick way to send a personal message

Teacher leader Jeanne Lemire finds it especially convenient to use the “Make a Gift” button to make contributions. Being in Germany with the DoDDS school system, she found that packages and letters can take a while to reach their destinations in the United States. Several times in the past when she learned that a friend had lost a loved one, Jeanne expressed her sympathy by making an online gift to the Reading Recovery Fund in memory of the person who died. Thanks to this option she was able to quickly send a personal message to her friends to assure the family that their loved one was remembered.