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Logo Requests

The purpose of the trademark is to protect the quality and integrity of Reading Recovery

The Reading Recovery trademark was given by the founder, Dr. Marie M. Clay, to The Ohio State University for the United States. Use of the trademark is granted annually on a royalty-free basis by The Ohio State University to Reading Recovery training centers and sites in compliance with Reading Recovery standards and guidelines. Consistent presentation for the trademark and typeface represents the consistent and high-quality results that are part of Reading Recovery’s heritage. On Dec. 18, 1990, the U.S. Patent Office officially approved for registration the Reading Recovery trademark plus the “book and globe” logo.

For information regarding the use of the Reading Recovery logo in the United States, please contact Lisa Pinkerton at The Ohio State University.

In Canada, use of the trademark and logo are under the supervision of the Board of Governors of the Canadian Institute of Reading Recovery.