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Literacy Teaching and Learning Archives

An International Journal of Early Reading and Writing

A scholarly research journal published from 1994 through Fall 2010, Literacy Teaching and Learning (LTL) includes articles written by scholars with similiar interests and research agendas working around the world. Just click on the issue links below for access to full content article links.

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From the Editors
Gibson, Sharan A.; Cappello, Marva; Hobsbaum, Angela; Koefoed, Blair; Ross, Pamela,

The Standardization of the Concepts About Print Into Greek
Tafa, Eufimia

The Role of Community Book Club in Changing Literacy Practices
Dail, Alanna Rochelle; McGee, Lea M., Edwards, Patricia A.

Unpacking Artifacts of Instruction
Compton-Lilly, Catherine

Prescriptions to Read: Early Literacy Promotion Outside the Classroom
Billings, Elsa S.

Making a Case for Prevention in Education
Askew, Billie J; Kaye, Elizabeth; Frasier, Dianne F

Learning and Teaching at an At-Risk School
Barone, Diane