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Public Policy

RRCNA is the only association advocating exclusively for Reading Recovery and early literacy intervention
11 states receive Striving Readers grants

Grants totaling more than $142 million have been awarded by the U.S. Department of Education to states to implement comprehensive literacy programs. The Striving Readers Comprehensive Literacy Program awards competitive grants to advance literacy skills for children from birth through Grade 12, with an emphasis on children living in poverty, English learners, and children with disabilities. State education agencies will disburse 95% of the funds to LEAs and other eligible applicants that propose high-quality comprehensive literacy instruction programs supported by moderate or strong evidence and that align with the state’s comprehensive literacy plan as well as local needs.

State Departments of Education receiving the grants:
Georgia           $20,526,600
Kansas             $9,020,431
Kentucky          $13,944,986
Louisiana         $18,500,000
Maryland         $15,000,000
Minnesota       $20,322,112
Montana         $8,062,385
North Dakota  $11,200,000
New Mexico    $6,666,667
Ohio                $11,767,666
Oklahoma       $7,124,725

Information and guidance for ESSA discussions
RRCNA continues to encourage U.S. Reading Recovery leadership to take an assertive role in ongoing outreach activities as states develop and implement new education plans. Many resources are available that document the effectiveness of Reading Recovery—already determined to meet the strong evidence standards of ESSA—and the benefits of Reading Recovery training and ongoing professional development to comprehensive literacy efforts.