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We ensure that children who struggle in learning to read and write gain the skills for a literate and productive future.

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Answers to common questions about Reading Recovery training

How do I get trained as a Reading Recovery teacher?

Reading Recovery teacher training is available only through registered Reading Recovery sites. These sites are affiliated with school districts that have made the commitment to implement Reading Recovery according to the Standards and Guidelines of Reading Recovery in the United States or the Standards and Guidelines of Reading Recovery in Canada.

If your school or district is part of a registered Reading Recovery site, teachers are selected according to local procedures for open positions. Teachers must meet Reading Recovery standards for selection of teachers.

Information is available at these links:
Training for Teachers
Ongoing Training
Standards and Guidelines of Reading Recovery in the United States
Standards and Guidelines of Reading Recovery in Canada

How can I find the locations of Reading Recovery teacher training sites?

For U.S. sites, search the Teacher Leader Registry
For sites in Canada

What if my school doesn’t have Reading Recovery?

If your district has Reading Recovery, but your school does not, you will want to talk with your principal about the possibility of bringing Reading Recovery to the school. This action requires that the principal and faculty members are knowledgeable about the intervention and support adding it to the comprehensive literacy plan for the school. If appropriate support and adequate resources are provided, the teacher(s) will be selected according to Reading Recovery standards for selection of teachers and local personnel procedures.

If your district does not have Reading Recovery, but your school wants to study the possibilities, the first thing to consider is whether there is a nearby Reading Recovery teacher training site that would make contractual arrangements for including your school in that site. With school support, the principal would contact the teacher leader in that site for specific information about possibilities for implementing Reading Recovery in the school.

Why is training only available for teachers in schools with Reading Recovery?

Reading Recovery is a system intervention as well as an intervention for lowest-performing first graders. Administrators in Reading Recovery schools arrange staffing so the specially trained Reading Recovery teacher can devote a part of the day to provide daily 30-minute Reading Recovery lessons and work the other part of the day as an interventionist for other children, a classroom teacher, or a highly trained literacy resource specialist.

Where is training available for Descubriendo la Lectura (Reading Recovery in Spanish) and Intervention préventive en lecture-écriture (Reading Recovery in French)?

Currently, training of Descubriendo la Lectura (DLL) trainers and teacher leaders is available only at Texas Woman’s University. However, teacher leaders can receive initial training in English at another university training center and go through additional professional development to ‘bridge’ to Spanish.

To become a Descubriendo la Lectura teacher, a registered DLL teacher leader must be available for initial training or ‘bridging’ to Spanish and for ongoing support of the teacher’s work in Spanish.

Training for a teacher leader in Intervention préventive en lecture-écriture (IPLE) is possible through arrangements with the Eastern Canadian Regional Institute of Reading Recovery and with the trainer for IPLE. To become an IPLE teacher, a registered IPLE teacher leader must be available for training and ongoing support.

Information is available at these links:
Descubriendo la Lectura overview
Teacher Leader Registry
Standards and Guidelines of Reading Recovery in the United States
Standards and Guidelines of Reading Recovery in Canada

What if my Reading Recovery site would like to have Descubriendo la Lectura (DLL) but does not have a DLL teacher leader?

Selecting and training a DLL teacher leader for your site is one option. If your district is geographically near a teacher training site with a registered DLL teacher leader, it may be possible to make contractual arrangements with that site for their DLL teacher leader to support your site. Some districts form a consortium to engage a DLL teacher leader to implement and support DLL.

Why is graduate credit required?

All levels of Reading Recovery professional development (teachers, teacher leaders, and trainers) are tied to university graduate-level credits. The quality and intensity of sessions over a full academic year merit recognition through university standards. An academic environment and university resources support the quality of the professional learning. Successful completion of course work is required for recognition as a Reading Recovery teacher, teacher leader, or trainer.

Why is ongoing professional development required after the initial training for teachers, teacher leaders, and trainers?

A plan for ongoing professional learning of all Reading Recovery professionals is built into the structures of implementation. For more information link to Ongoing Training.