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2017-2018 Teacher Leader Registry Application

This form combines Reading Recovery, Literacy Lessons, and Descubriendo la Lectura teacher leader applications.

Check boxes on page 1 of the application collect general information. Sections have been simplified and better defined, making it easier and quicker for teacher leaders, site coordinators, and university trainers to complete and review.

Sections 1–4
To be completed by all teacher leaders (pages 1–3)

Section 5
Additional questions for teacher leaders providing support to Literacy Lessons intervention specialists (page 4)

Section 6
Additional questions for Descubriendo la Lectura teacher leaders (page 4)

Section 7
To be completed by the trainer responsible for the teacher leader’s professional development and affiliation (page 5)

Completing the forms

The application is to be completed and signed by the teacher leader, site coordinator, and university trainer (electronic signatures accepted).

The teacher leader is responsible for submitting the Request for Exemption form (when applicable) and for securing signatures from the site coordinator before sending the forms on to the university training center for completion.

The trainer is responsible for collecting and reviewing all completed online PDF forms and forwarding in one batch to RRCNA for data collection by the final date for submission. In addition, the trainer should print all forms and mail in one packet to RRCNA as soon as possible as a cross-check of the electronic data received. Both email and print packets should include a list of all teacher leaders submitting applications.