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We ensure that children who struggle in learning to read and write gain the skills for a literate and productive future.

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Hundreds of Reading Recovery training sites across the U.S. and Canada provide professional development for Reading Recovery teachers. All training sites are affiliated with a university training center in the United States. In Canada, four regional centers oversee training sites.



Reading Recovery's outstanding results are rooted in its three-tiered training and professional development for teachers, teacher leaders, and university trainers.

All Reading Recovery professionals receive a full academic year of graduate-level education followed by ongoing professional development sessions throughout their years in Reading Recovery.

No packaged program can substitute for an informed teacher’s design and delivery of individual lessons for each child. In Reading Recovery, the teacher analyzes students’ strengths and needs, selects procedures and makes informed teaching decisions before and during lessons, and assesses results to inform her next teaching moves. This process takes skill and ongoing study, collaboration, and support.

Reading Recovery provides unparalleled training

for teachers

for teacher leaders

for university trainers

for ongoing professional development

Ongoing professional development, coupled with adherence to standards, assures the quality of Reading Recovery. Reading Recovery’s training, teaching, implementation, and research are carried out through the leadership of the North American Trainers Group (NATG) at university-based centers in the U.S and training centers in Canada.


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