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We ensure that children who struggle in learning to read and write gain the skills for a literate and productive future.

For RRCNA Leadership


Follow the instructions at left to download and save the MPEG-4 video file.


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NOTE: You may need to download the latest version of QuickTime Player to view the file. Locate the correct version for your computer operating system here.

Having trouble viewing the video?

Chances are the video window is not showing up on your computer monitor because YouTube access has been blocked on your network. To help ensure playback quality, all videos are housed on our YouTube Channel, ReadingRecoveryCNA.

To avoid this problem and provide the best quality across the widest range of operating systems and platforms, we've converted the video into an MPEG-4 file. Please do not try to view the video without first downloading and saving it to your computer.

To download and save the MPEG-4 video file:

  1. Right click here
  2. From the dropdown window, select "Save Target As" or "Save Link As" to save the video file to your computer.
  3. To view the video, double click on the file you saved to your computer.