Building an Even Stronger Sense of Community at National Conference

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Building an Even Stronger Sense of Community at National Conference

by Billy Molasso

I’ve had an incredible welcome to the Reading Recovery community! As you may know, I joined RRCNA this past August as the new executive director at Jady Johnson’s retirement. I’m thankful for the leadership Jady has shown the organization and look forward to building on her success in this role.

The sincere dedication of our members to help struggling readers improve their literacy skills is impressive. Engaging in thoughtful conversations with key leaders, participating in five different behind-the-glass sessions, and reading as much as I can get my hands on about early childhood literacy has already shown me the level of professionalism and dedication Reading Recovery teachers must have to make the magic happen with the first graders sitting next to them.

Our community has a lot to celebrate as we enter our 35th year of Reading Recovery in North America. Our intervention continues to be impactful on our students, and we have data as a true evidence-based program to demonstrate it. Our community explores opportunities to enhance our work with different populations, from IPLE to DLL, to Literacy Lessons, to continually improving our daily practice of Reading Recovery with students who need that extra enthusiasm and support. Our leadership structures are filled with strong, passionate, and dedicated professionals who truly believe in the work of the organization and Reading Recovery.

In a few weeks, I’ll join the larger literacy community at the National Reading Recovery & K-6 Literacy Conference in Columbus. Brought to you by RRCNA, the National Literacy Conference is the largest homecoming of leaders focused on childhood literacy in North America, and will help advance our field, enhance our skills, and mobilize our community as we work to help struggling readers. If you haven’t already made plans to join us in Columbus, it’s not too late!  Look for me around the conference, and especially in the booth that will introduce the new Foundation for Struggling Readers, located outside the Franklin rooms. Feel free to stop by, say hello, play a game of Plinko and take your chance to win a great prize!

I am excited to continue to learn more about our work, identify ways that I can help strengthen the Reading Recovery Movement, and allow our leaders to do what they do best – advocate and advance skill development for struggling readers across North America.


Billy Molasso is the Executive Director of RRCNA.

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