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As Reading Recovery completes 30 proud years providing high-quality professional development for teachers and expert, responsive teaching for children, Marie Clay’s publications continue to guide research and practice. Today’s new areas of study and service include Literacy Lessons training for special education teachers, teachers of English Language Learners, and others who work with special populations; investigation of technology for distance learning in training and supervision of Reading Recovery teachers; and an expanded leadership role for Reading Recovery trained teachers in professional learning communities and school comprehensive literacy efforts.

OUR VISION: We ensure that children who struggle in learning to read and write gain the skills for a literate and productive future.

OUR MISSION: We achieve reading and writing success for children through partnerships that foster:

  • Reading Recovery in English, Spanish, or French as an essential intervention within a comprehensive literacy system
  • Teaching of children that is expert and responsive
  • Professional development for teachers that is specialized and continuous
  • Ongoing development of knowledge and practice based on research, data, and the theoretical framework that has underpinned Reading Recovery since its founding.

This 30th Anniversary History Timeline includes photos and excerpts from previous RRCNA publications.