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We ensure that children who struggle in learning to read and write gain the skills for a literate and productive future.

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Board of Directors

Irene Huggins, president
Hazel Dick, past president
James Samograd, treasurer
Shari Worsfold, secretary
Susan Burroughs, executive director

Allyson Matczuk - trainer representative
Sheila Barnes - Prince Edward Island
Heather Campbell - Ontario

Susan J. MacDonald - Nova Scotia
Dr. Donna Michaels - Manitoba

Angela DesBarres - Alberta

Emily Orchard - Ontario
Val Overgaard - British Columbia
Gloria Sinclair - Manitoba
Judy Speirs - Ontario

Penny Watt - Ontario

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Canadian Institute of Reading Recovery (CIRR)
202 - 10 Morrow Ave. 
Toronto, Ontario M6R 2J1
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Canadian Institute of Reading Recovery

The Canadian Institute of Reading Recovery (CIRR) is a not-for-profit organization which works collaboratively with wide-ranging and diverse educational communities across Canada.

The vision of CIRR is that that children will be proficient readers and writers by the end of Grade 1.

The mission of CIRR is to ensure that all children who are experiencing difficulty learning to read and write have access to Reading Recovery in Canada.

The purpose of CIRR is

  • to sustain the integrity of Reading Recovery by upholding the trademark for Reading Recovery in Canada, and
  • to expand the implementation of Reading Recovery in Canada by increasing the number of individuals who understand, support, and collaborate to achieve the mission of the Institute.

The responsibility of CIRR, as outlined in the Standards and Guidelines of Reading Recovery in Canada, is to

  1. Act as the executive body which oversees the use of the term Reading Recovery in Canada.
  2. Maintain the integrity of Reading Recovery by upholding the standards as outlined in the CIRR Standards & Guidelines 2007.
  3. Train and support Canadian trainers and teacher leaders ensuring that the standards are maintained to provide quality implementations.
  4. Oversee the teacher leader training courses at approved Reading Recovery Institutes in Canada.
  5. Ensure service to sites across Canada on a cost recovery basis.